Friday, March 2, 2012

Took Awhile, But I'm Back!

So it's been what...? About a year since I last blogged? Well, I guess in the two months I have to wait for Yellowstone to come back in my life, I'll fill ya'll in on how this season went down. It had it's ups, downs, and it was a bit more stressful than last year, but I learned a bit more about myself in the process. But, I'll keep you in suspense and give me something to do/look forward to while the two painful months I have here! Here's a good start to the story! Above is a good indication how much snow and cold you expect at the beginning of a summer season! News Flash: Always come prepared for a snow storm! Some new employees didn't even have a jacket!

Though they are a main attraction of the park, please keep in mind tourist: THE BISON ARE WILD ANIMALS!! They can throw you at least ten feet in the air and many visitors of the park are killed because of a lack of common sense! Another thing to keep in mind: You wouldn't want someone or something approaching you're child if you felt it would threaten your well being, right? So a Bison will not hesitate to use brute force if you get to close. Traffic jams are normal, but don't honk horns! It can spook the Bison and cause them to stampede or attack a vehicle, and two tons of Bison can completely total a small SUV! Just do like me and my friends did below; wait and take pictures!

This was on the way back from West Yellowstone, Montana! The adult Bison tend to surround the young ones (aka "Red Dogs") as to protect them from predators! Or clueless people with cameras! Me, my gal pal Toni, and John all had to wait 15 minutes in the small car and I'm personally TERRIFIED of those things!

But we got back safe and sound! And ready to begin a new season here at the World Famous Old Faithful Inn! This was actually taken before we opened up for guest for the season, and it's so much fun! That's why I go back every year!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tune In for Season 2 of "The Old and the Faithful"

After 6 months of living in back in Texas, I must say I really wanted to go back to Yellowstone. So needless to say, I'm leaving on the 24th of April, 2011, to begin work on season 2 of "The Old and the Faithful". I refer to it like the soap opera, because it kind of was like that at times, but it was never a dull moment. You had unusual location (Old Faithful), a varied cast of characters (the employees), conflict between them (drama), and a solution to the conflict (...sometimes). But, I did feel that after being in the DFW area, I began to miss it more and more, so that even with basically a day to go, I'm about ready to just pass out from being so anxious.
Some pics from last time that where not posted are here. This is the employee pub, where a lot of our shenanigans take place. So this is the set where many scenes in the show play out. It's host to many interesting parties, and they usually center around a theme (beach, prom, Halloween, etc.). The party seen in last Season's Finale was a toga theme. They serve not only beer and soda, but also food for people who missed out on dinner at the Employee Dining Room (we call it the EDR, for future reference) or just didn't want EDR dinner all together.
This was my home away from dorm room, and the set of "Alan's Work", as it is the Old Faithful Inn Gift Shop (photo the Gallery section). I remember scenes of selling fine Native American jewelry, stocking merchandise, and telling customers that they can't wear the headdresses. The gallery in our store is one of three included in the park gift shops (not all of them have one!). My boss is the infamous Mike Sandel, seen in a MUCH earlier post.

This is another photo of the Inn's lobby, but it's to show how many floors there are. It's pretty high up, and the walk way that leads to the highest point of the Inn, the "Crow's Nest", is actually blocked off, as it is structurally unsafe to walk up there without a trained guide because of earthquake activity over the years. Guided tours are booked or scheduled, and are given by bell hops.

Speaking of bell hops...

My friend and partner in crime, Toni Koontz will reprise her role as the "The Coolest Bell Hop EVER". Hailing from North Carolina, she is said to arrive the same day I do. We had good times, lots of laughs, and she's awesome. And, yeah, that's a collapsible "fitness" pole.

So, in the Season preview's closing, stay tuned for more "The Old and the Faithful", starting April 28th.

P.S. Super Excited!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Old Faithful Gift Shop and Village

Sorry about taking so long. Here's some interesting pictures from today!

Here we see the famous Old Faithful Inn Clock! It's a marvel.

These are the well known Old Faithful Inn fireplaces. Only one out of three work due to an earth quake. The ones that do not work are filled with firewood.

Here we see the sign of where I work; The Gift Shop! We have something for everyone!

This is Mike (my boss) and Danielle (another store manager). They are both really nice and very friendly. Mike has been working retail for awhile and has taught me how to count my drawer a little faster! Danielle is very patient with everyone, and fun to talk with! All we are missing now is Misty. She is the 3rd and newest manager! More pictures of friends and coworkers are to come!

Finally, here is where I live! Laurel dorm! Pete is my roommate, and thank goodness he can sleep through anything, even Hurricane Alan! More pics are to come!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Old Faithful (Finally On Again!)

Hello, dear readers! I have found a location to gain internet access here in Old Faithful (Bitter root Dorm to be exact). My trip in was exciting; the weather was safe, the drive was okay, we even saw a Grizzly Bear on the way up! We got to stop and take pictures! He (or she) was "rooting"!

After checking with the personnel, I got to go to my dorm room in Laurel Dorm. I have yet to get a roommate, though I am sure I'll have soon. Everyone there is different, but they are all young: teens and young adults.

The day after check-in, I went to work in the gift shop. My manager's name is Mike, though I don't know his last name. There is a wide variety of merchandise, and a really amazing gallery which sells Native American art, crafts, relic replicas, paintings, photographs. You name it, we got it!The EDR (Employee Dining Room) is great, and I love that I'm so close to work and food. Keep reading to find out more! Later!

A Yellowstone Update -- By Alan's Mom

For those who are interested in Alan's life at Yellowstone, we're hoping that posts will be coming soon. When Alan finally got to the Old Faithful Village, he found that the internet service in the common areas (as advertised in his employment info) was no longer available. Some dorm areas have access available for purchase, while other areas do not. He's trying to find out if his room even has it, and if it does, he will subscribe. His mother hopes that he will be able to get it, mostly because I love the idea of seeing his posts; he also said that he took a picture of a bear on the way to Old Faithful, and I can't wait to see it!

In the meantime, I am grateful for the fact that his cell phone works there, and he calls home every morning. He is currently in a dorm room by himself -- the company has a rule that workers under 21 years old are not placed with those older than 21, and so far there isn't anyone in his age group who needs a room. He works from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. and seems to really like it. I hear a lot of "I really miss you," quickly followed by "But I'm doing okay."

Here's hoping that internet access for my young padowan happens soon!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mammoth Hot Springs!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I have been a little busy here at the beautiful Mammoth Hot Springs, training for the Old Faithful Inn Gift Shop. I must say it's beautiful. I had a roommate, and older gentleman named John, for a night, but has already gone to his destination. I hope my next roommate (or mates) or just as easy going. My room's floor creaks like no other. I leave tomorrow to Old Faithful.

Curious creatures have been spotted! They are different than what's back home!

Here is a ground squirrel and it sure is more comfortable than squirrels back in Texas!
Elk are always on the premises! They are way larger than deer, and aren't as timid. I got a bit freaked to see them walking in my path!

What awaits tomorrow at Old Faithful? Find out!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Yellowstone Trip, Day 2!

We woke up in Hays, Kansas, and ate a great breakfast. Mom was a little tired (apparently, I snore). So, thanks to mom’s GPS/TomTom, we got back on the road to Colorado, where it can get a little more crowded on the road! We stopped to eat and fill up on gas a few times, and got moving!
Whoo-hoo! We are in Wyoming! Mom had been here 3 years ago with dad, and she said it was beautiful! She was right! I saw so many awesome signs and beautiful landscapes! Right now we are Sheridan, WY! We may be here for 2 nights, but as we are way ahead of schedule, what’s the harm? There is so much to explore here in the downtown area: JC Penney’s, Morris Music, and great stores! I guess I can tell you all about it tomorrow! I’ll keep my adoring reader’s posted!