Friday, March 2, 2012

Took Awhile, But I'm Back!

So it's been what...? About a year since I last blogged? Well, I guess in the two months I have to wait for Yellowstone to come back in my life, I'll fill ya'll in on how this season went down. It had it's ups, downs, and it was a bit more stressful than last year, but I learned a bit more about myself in the process. But, I'll keep you in suspense and give me something to do/look forward to while the two painful months I have here! Here's a good start to the story! Above is a good indication how much snow and cold you expect at the beginning of a summer season! News Flash: Always come prepared for a snow storm! Some new employees didn't even have a jacket!

Though they are a main attraction of the park, please keep in mind tourist: THE BISON ARE WILD ANIMALS!! They can throw you at least ten feet in the air and many visitors of the park are killed because of a lack of common sense! Another thing to keep in mind: You wouldn't want someone or something approaching you're child if you felt it would threaten your well being, right? So a Bison will not hesitate to use brute force if you get to close. Traffic jams are normal, but don't honk horns! It can spook the Bison and cause them to stampede or attack a vehicle, and two tons of Bison can completely total a small SUV! Just do like me and my friends did below; wait and take pictures!

This was on the way back from West Yellowstone, Montana! The adult Bison tend to surround the young ones (aka "Red Dogs") as to protect them from predators! Or clueless people with cameras! Me, my gal pal Toni, and John all had to wait 15 minutes in the small car and I'm personally TERRIFIED of those things!

But we got back safe and sound! And ready to begin a new season here at the World Famous Old Faithful Inn! This was actually taken before we opened up for guest for the season, and it's so much fun! That's why I go back every year!

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